Kelton Sales Group offers architects, distributors, and end-users a variety of services and options within each service for all phases of project development. Rates are based on the time required and the products and services utilized. Please call for a no-obligation price quotation. Our comprehensive services include the following:

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ConSulting Services

Facility Evaluations

Kelton Sales Group is available to visit and evaluate existing project job sites that include office buildings, residence halls, military sites, and medical facilities. I can check for code and fire door compliance, specification and LEED adherence, final inspection details, special hardware applications, and offline and online access-control capabilities.

Project Consultation

We provide project-design consulting as it relates to premium, security, and specialty Division 8 and Division 10 products manufactured in North America and Europe. This service is available at your office or on location at the job site.

Ligature-Resistant Solutions

We can provide you with a number of solutions to help your facility get compliant with State and Federal regulations, and The Joint Commissions suicide preventative measures that need to take place in your psychiatric facilities.

Certified Fire Door Inspections

Our certified fire door consultant can provide a detailed report of all of your building’s fire and egress doors and document whether or not they are compliant with local codes and laws. Our report will offer corrective actions required, when necessary, and assist you in maintaining your doors in compliance with NFPA 80, 2016. This is the referenced standard in the California Building Code, California Fire Code, and Hawaii Fire Code.